The fact that an iPhone battery will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge is well known. If your iPhone battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, you’re not alone: all rechargeable batteries degrade with time, including your iPhone’s. As the battery ages, it may require more frequent charging, keep a charge less effectively, or even unexpectedly shut down your phone. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t show how often your current battery has been charged, but there are a few alternative ways to check on the condition of your battery and see whether it needs to be replaced.

Here are some early warning indications that you may face & need to visit an iPhone repair for its battery to get replaced:

Your iPhone unexpectedly shuts down

It’s not a good sign if your iPhone shuts off unexpectedly while the battery is still charged.

While a calibration issue could be a fault – which is easily fixed with a full charge and a soft reset — a worn battery is more likely to be the cause. You may need a new iPhone battery to avoid further shutdowns.

It only works when your iPhone is plugged in

When your iPhone is charging, it’s meant to work – but not just when it’s charging.

It’s not normal if you unplug your gadget from the charger and it dies right away. Even if the battery isn’t fully dead, you’ll need to replace it if you want to stop relying on an external power source.

Your iPhone is quite hot to the touch

You shouldn’t feel any heat when you pick up your smartphone because the battery is designed to prevent heat from recharging inside.

Your smartphone may be hot since you’re taking selfies in the sun, or it’s been resting on your car dashboard on a hot day. However, if you can’t find a reason for the heat, you’ll most likely require a new iPhone battery.

Your phone’s battery has outgrown it

If your battery has outgrown its casing, it must be replaced immediately! Even if it isn’t swollen this much, action should be taken right away to dispose of the battery safely. But be careful: puncturing the pack and releasing its hazardous contents is not a good idea. A hazy white screen, separation between the screen and the phone body, or “squishiness” of the screen are all early indicators of a bloated battery; there is no obvious distinction, yet when you pinch the borders of your phone, the screen slides slightly. 

  • The Bottom Line

You may get a new battery replaced for a reasonable fee if you find the correct iPhone repair specialist like us, Techcare Plus, we specialize in iPhone repair in Christchurch and the surrounding area and provide the best iPhone repair services. You won’t be without your gadget for long – depending on when you come in, the process should take less than an hour or two.