All mobile phones can, will and get a little hot from time to time. However, when the phone heats up to the point where one can’t hold it and starts to exhibit odd behaviour, we should immediately address it according. This incident will not only bring us inconvenience but also a potential hazard. Hence, there is a need for mobile phone repair when it overheats.

There are several reasons why this can happen. One, there are too many applications running in the background. Two, your phone must have been infected by malware. Three, a lousy battery or other hardware issues.

Below are five ways to keep the phone from overheating:

  1. Do not use third party chargers and cables

If the phone overheats while charging, mobile phone repair is the solution. Different chargers have wattage which is different and is optimized for various devices. Use official cables and chargers from the phone manufacturer. Avoid cheap chargers and hardware from obscure brands.

  1. Use cooler master application

Cooler Master is an application which helps calm down mobile phones when they start getting too hot. The application detects overheating phone applications, then it scans the phone and informs what apps are causing the phone to overheat. When the phone does not cool down, mobile phone repair is necessary.

  1. Keep the mobile phone in a cool place

The place where the phone rest is also essential in trying to cool it down. To cool it, even more, remove it from its cover so that heat can escape. Some cases keep the heat in, hence mobile phone overheating results. Removing the phone case will help the phone cool down faster. In case the phone does not cool down in a cool place, try mobile phone repair services.

  1. Check the apps that use the most battery

Battery and overheating are connected.  Graphics-intensive apps and CPU put extra strain on the components, heat up and as well as causing battery depletion. Keeping battery-draining apps is the most overlooked reason for overheating, thus close the apps from the background as soon as you finish using it.

Another option is battery optimization, which cuts down the background activity on the phone. It will decrease how hard the phone works and result in a reduction of heat emission. If these options do not solve the overheating issue, opt for mobile repair services.

  1. Update software and apps

App and software updates serve the phone in terms of its efficiency. They can improve performance and have bug fixes. Malware and virus are the culprits behind overheating of the phone. Make sure that the software and apps are up-to-date as they form protection of the phone from any virus and malware, for the updates ensure the proper operation of the phone. One can consider mobile phone repair when the updating of apps and software does not cool down the phone.

Prevention is better than cure, even when it comes to phone overheating. Developing essential phone-care habits can maintain and preserve the lifespan of your mobile phone.