Remembering your phone’s passcodes might be a daunting task for some of you. However, the iPhone’s password feature is the most crucial and important method on which people always keep their eyes to hack personal data. But what would happen if you forgot your iPhone passcode?

As per the terms and policies of the iPhone if you forget your passcode and put it wrong six times then the iPhone will inform you that it has been disabled. And then as per the settings that you have made in your iPhone if you enter the passcode wrong multiple times then your phone will automatically delete all of the data. You may even think of iphone repair options.

In this blog, we will see how you can gain access to your iPhone when you have forgotten the password.

Erase your data

Yes, this is really one way to fix your problem. Do you are too much against using this trick but you need to erase all the data on your iPhone and then have to restore your data from backup. What happens by using this trick is you are erasing all data from your iPhone which means that the passport will also get erased and this will let you set up the phone again with the fresh passcode. At times you can also go to an iPhone repair shop and get a solution.

iTunes, iCloud, and Recovery Mode

These are the three ways with which you can erase data from your iPhone and also can remove the passcode and start with fresh. If you have some physical access to your iPhone then you need to sink it regularly with the PC or a computer and have that device near you all the time. With this, you can easily restore your iPhone.

If you have the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on your device then you can easily use the iCloud feature to erase all the data. You can opt for this option if you have synced your phone with iCloud instead of iTunes.

Recovery mode Is the third option if you have never ever synced your phone with iCloud or iTunes. Here you won’t get your data backup and you will have to lose everything that is on your phone. This is not a great option but at least with this, you can use your phone freshly.

The After Process

So if you have forgotten your password then erasing all the data is the first and the last option. However, once you erase your iPhone you need to set up your phone from the scratch. Then you need to restore everything from the backup. Even if you did not have any backup; you can still read and download the iTunes app and Apple Book stores on your device.

Once you do this, you will be all set to start up with the new passcode on your iPhone and this time do not forget to note down somewhere so personally that no one could easily find it out and make misuse of it full stop after all it is the only you who is remembering the password and knows there you can save it.