It’s always a pain to have battery troubles with your Samsung or other Android phones. Smartphones are no longer merely for messaging and making phone calls; you can run a company from your phone! You use your phone to plan trips, view movies, listen to music, play games and whatnot.


With all of its applications, your phone’s battery life is crucial; a fast-draining battery, on the other hand, will cost you money and time to replace Samsung phone repairs in Christchurch.

But don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your Samsung battery and avoid having to replace it, like:


Disable push notifications.

According to Asurion, push notifications might drain your battery by constantly turning your display on even when it’s supposed to be in sleep mode.

Go to Settings > Notifications to disable push notifications and toggle off push notifications from any apps you don’t need to receive updates.


Limit the use of location services.

Having your position enabled when utilizing GPS to acquire an Uber or Lyft or simply ordering food delivery is quite helpful. However, using location services, particularly when they are permitted to function in the background, can result in faster battery depletion.

Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security to change your Location Services settings, go-to location and turn it off completely, or go to App Permissions and choose which apps you don’t want to use your location or run in the background.


Background App Refresh should be turned off.

On the subject of background functions, it’s also a good idea to disable Background App Refresh, which lowers battery life. Background App Refresh might use up a lot of data on your phone and allows background programmes to gather data to refresh and update the app till you open it again.

Go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage to disable Background App Refresh then select an app and toggle the “Allow background data usage” option.


Battery Saving Mode

A built-in software on your Samsung phone can also help you save battery life. You can help your battery conserve some power by tweaking your apps. Go to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Optimize now to enable the feature.

Samsung also recommends changing app power management to control your apps’ energy consumption.

After that, tweak your settings to your liking by putting unused applications to sleep if they haven’t been used in a while. Apps from Sleeping mode will not run in the background and will only function when you open them.


Unhealthy Charging Habits

The manner you charge your device is critical to ensuring that it performs well and lasts a long time. Following are some improper charging behaviours to avoid battery issues.

  • Avoid charging the battery to 100% capacity or entirely draining it to 0%; this accelerates the aging of a lithium-ion smartphone battery.
  • Do not charge your phone overnight, and it’s bad for the battery’s health.
  • Avoid using low-cost chargers as they’re bad for both your phone and your battery. Use original chargers.
  • Maintain a 20-80% charge on your battery.
  • When your phone is charging, avoid using it, for example, viewing videos or playing games; your phone may overheat due to this.

If your phone’s battery isn’t charging or there’s an issue with it, it’s recommended to take it to a professional Samsung repairs Christchurch to avoid further harm.