Facing issues with your Ipad Pro and want to know How to fix them : 

If you are facing issues with your Ipad Pro and want to know how to fix them, then this blog post is for you to keep reading.

Every electronic device will face some or the other kind of issue, so don’t worry if you are facing any problems with your iPad Pro, you can try ways to fix them, and if it is not fixed, you can visit iPad repairs Christchurch.

Following are the top 5 issues that you might have addressed commonly, so here’s a fix for them as well:

1) Pixels that get stuck :

If you get a dot on your display that is not changing and staying there as it is or even increasing, it is frustrating and disturbing your iPad use. While in some cases, these pixels might grow in number affecting your overall look and the use of the system

  • Here’s the Fix:

You can try manually fixing the pixel by yourself by wrapping your thumb in a clean cloth and applying gently with firm pressure to the area of a pixel. Even flashing colors can also be beneficial for resting a pixel. If it gets stuck away, you can visit reputable iPad screen repair Christchurch to remove it or replace the screen.

2) Echo in video calls :

Many iPad Pro users have found an echo while on video calls, as it gets pretty disturbing, and you can understand what the other person is talking about. 

  • Here’s the fix:

You can try reconnecting your headphone by plugging it out and then plugging in the earphone socket, and even if the echo sounds continue, it might be a software problem. You can take your iPad to iPad repairs Christchurch and get the issue resolved in such a case.

3) Screen freezing :

It’s kind of frustrating when you are working on your iPad Pro, and the screen freezes in between and is not at all responsive for several seconds, and it just affects your flow of work. Sometimes, it may normally work after a few times, while the other times, it just remains frozen.

  • Here’s The Fix:

Try closing the app you were using when your screen got frozen and there-open and continue your work, it is a temporary fix but might help you, or you can restart your iPad. But for a permanent solution, and to get rid of the frozen screen, you might have to visit iPad screen repair Christchurch.

4) iPad won’t turn on :

You want to work on your IPad pro, and it’s not turning on; what a hectic situation, but it does happen; sometimes your iPad doesn’t want to turn on, leaving you with no choice but just worry like why isn’t it working? though it’s a common issue, and many iPad users are facing it, so relax back and read the fix:

  • Here’s the Fix :

try holding down the power and home button together until you see the Apple logo; you can also try pressing the home button and volume button to see if it is starting. If this doesn’t work, then it’s time to take your iPad to iPad repairs Christchurch.

5) Charging Issues :

You often feel like your iPad is running out of charge very quickly, or it may sound that it is not charging at all. The causes for charging vary; it may be the USB cord, the charging port or the battery.

  • Here’s the fix:

You can try another USB cord for charging, clean the charging port, or you can reboot your iPad pro to see if it’s charging and if still, it’s not charging, you can visit the nearest iPad repairs Christchurch

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