Our worlds these days revolve around our mobile phones and other devices. When these get damaged, like a faulty battery or broken screen, it becomes a major inconvenience to us. In such cases, being prepared with the tools to fix said problems is necessary. 

Tools required to fix mobile problems

Here are the basic tools you must-have for any kind of mobile device repair:

  • Suction Cup Pliers

For any kind of mobile device like an iPhone or Samsung, the touchscreens are delicate and must be removed with care. Being rough with the display screen during repair is a classic rookie mistake and causes more harm than good. 

The way a suction cup plier or tool works is that the cups or handles are quickly locked and released to create suction pressure. These rubber cups are gentle on the screen, making them ideal for latching onto the glass screen and removing it. For larger screens like Ipad repairs, Christchurch has the best skill set to deal with it. 

  • A tool for prying open parts

Sometimes things like the screen or batter refuse to budge, despite all the gentle force you use on it. In these cases, a prying tool comes in handy. What’s great is that you don’t necessarily need fancy tools for this function- a guitar pick and an old credit card is enough.   A guitar pick is small and sturdy enough to pry up one part of the phone at a time and are also great spacers. With an old credit card, you can pry out larger spaces at one time, especially stubborn batteries. Both of these are safe to use!

  • Anti-Static Mat or similar protective tool

Safety is the most important factor to keep in mind when repairing any electronic device. If you encounter static during the repair, you are running a high risk of electrifying the insides of your phone. It doesn’t take much to encounter static- simply putting is down on a table can be problematic.

It’s better to be prepared so that you don’t cause more harm to your phone. 

  • Magnifying glass

Mobile phone and device parts are tiny and hard to work with without a magnifying glass. These are cheap and incredibly useful to have around. You can easily identify what is which part, where everything is placed, and how you can replace it.

  • Tweezers

One of the most necessary tools when it comes to repairing, it is a pair of tweezers. As mentioned, smartphone parts are tiny and hard to work with. They are also delicate and need to be handled with care. Tweezers help out massively in accurately removing and adding parts to the phone! If you have a phone like Samsung, the services of Samsung repairs Christchurch provides are the best.

The major plus point is that these tools are relatively cheap and easy to find. They can help you solve the common problems mobile phone users face. However, when the problem is more complex, it is better to use more professional help and tools.