If mobile battery draining is one of the concerns you are dealing with your daily routine struggles, then we are here to offer some useful piece of information which can help you to pick out yourself from these irresistible situations.

The reason for mobile draining can be due to improper designed mobile apps installed in phones, regular online updates of the apps or apps which constantly waking the home screen. The technology increases the ease of using mobile for making it customer-friendly, but it also adds the unwanted chaos which we as a customer needs to deal with it. You can also visit any mobile repair store in Christchurch if you need professional advice for your mobiles.

We are sharing some handpick piece of information which can help you to prevent your mobile from battery drain and they are:

App check or uninstalling app

In mobiles, we have the option of settings, where we can check which app is taking what percentage of power from the battery. In case, you find the app is not required or it is unnecessary, either you can uninstall it or you can keep on “battery optimization” for all those power eating apps.

Always use the original charger of the mobile

It is advisable to use the original charger of the mobile and you can visit any mobile repair store in Christchurch and you can get the original charger for your mobile for the better and longer life of your battery.

Buy certified or original batteries

In the lifetime of mobile phones, we come across in such situations where we need to replace the original batteries of the phone. It is important to buy either the original battery or some certified branded battery from any mobile repair store to ensure the better usage of the phone.

Switch off Vibrate

Vibration is one of the factors which consumes a lot of battery power. If you think in any scenario you can avoid this feature of your mobile, it can help to increase the battery life of your phone. Also, you can switch off to “touch vibration” of the phone to avoid battery draining.

Switch to mobile battery saver mode

In most of the mobile phones, we have this feature of battery saving mode, when it is enabled it helps to optimize the battery usage hence it increases the battery life. You can get this feature on your mobile phone in the Settings -> Battery -> Power usage.

Keep a check on battery charging

It is necessary to keep a check on the charging percentage of the phone. It is advisable from the professionals that it should not be less than 40% and switch off the charger as soon as the battery charge reaches 99% which helps to avoid charge overflow.

Turn off GPS when not in use

It is a good practice to turn off the GPS app when it is not in use and you can toggle off it from mobile settings. The GPS app is one of the heaviest apps on the mobile and consumes the power of battery majorly.

These are some tips to take care of your handset and even after these measures your mobile battery is draining very fast either you need to install a new battery or visit expert mobile repairing shop in Christchurch for better assistance.