If you are having trouble with your phone or say iPhone screen repairs, and want to utilize the best services possible so that you can use your phone smoothly, it is likely you are looking for a good and reliable iPhone repair place in Christchurch, New Zealand?


Well, you have come to the right place, you can get the best and highest quality iPhone repair services at Techcare plus; with our extensive experience and the appropriate equipment, we can repair your iPhones. Techcare Plus is a company that specializes in:

  • screen replacement
  • battery replacement
  • motherboard repair
  • charging port repair, and other issues. 


To get your device back on track, we employ high-quality parts at a reasonable price as Nobody wants to be without their phone, so by utilizing our services, you can get your phone repaired in a matter of hours and we specialize in iPhone repair in Christchurch and the surrounding area by providing the best damaged iPhone screen repair services.


Why Techcare Plus?

Personalized Service

Tchcare Plus offers excellent customer service by Personalized interactions when it comes to repairing your iPhone, as our skilled technicians diagnose it carefully and state the best possible solutions to you.


Highly Responsive

We know that you need to tackle your phone repairs quickly, that’s why we are always there for you and respond to your calls, messages, and emails quickly and even with the repair services we try to do it as soon as possible, so you can use your phones within a limited time.



For a variety of reasons, the ability to actually listen to customers is critical to giving excellent service and we are highly attentive when you state the problems you are facing with your smartphone. Not only do we pay attention to individual consumers’ experiences, but we are aware of and responsive to the input we receive and take preventive measures so that your phone can never give you that problem again.



Our professionals could remedy the defect that appeared to be irreparable harm with the correct expertise, skills, and tech knowledge. Whether you need a smashed screen repaired, a battery replaced, a motherboard repaired, a charging port repaired, or any other issues resolved, our team of experts will provide you with the best assistance and repair services to fix your phone.


Clear Communication Skills

When working with customers, the ability to communicate clearly is essential because miscommunications can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction of customers. And we have a clear, simple conversation while providing our services that leaves no room for doubt.


Techcare plus is your go-to iPhone repair shop, and we’re known for providing excellent service;

Contact our representatives or request an estimate for fixing your iPhone screen or other issues. In Christchurch, we guarantee outstanding service at affordable pricing; Now is the time to take advantage of our great iPhone repair service!