It is the most frustrating problem for a person who has experienced a broken laptop screen and that too of a MacBook. However, a broken LCD screen will make your MacBook virtually useless. However, it could happen that after you have dropped or spilled water onto your MacBook or you have been using it for long use of wear and tear. Whenever a screen issue arises you just have two ways to resolve it first. The first is to replace the screen or to repair the LCD screen. You must have been thinking about which would be the best option for your packet as well as for the screen.

Replacing the entire MacBook Screen

Replacing the entire MacBook screen would be a better option if you have been using the MacBook since along. However, this could be a very costly option for all of us. Remember that out of all the hardware of your MacBook the screen is the most costly part and only an Apple specialist can help you out replacing the screen for you.

if you are looking for a MacBook Pro screen replacement then you should look for an Apple care and AppleCare protection plan. Whenever you buy a Mac Apple then it offers two different types of warranties out of which for the first one you get 90 days of support on the telephone or internet along with one year of hardware warranty against malfunctioning parts. However, the other option is the protection plan that comes at a particular cost and lasts for 3 years. But you should bring in that plan within the first year of your MacBook purchase.

If you have these plans with you then there are chances that you can replace the screen of your MacBook if it is cost.

Repairing the MacBook screen

If you are looking for another alternative to replacing the MacBook screen then you should repair it. For this, you have to look for the nearby repair shops where Apple MacBook can be repaired and its spare parts should be easily available. However, it depends upon the condition of the broken MacBook screen that whether you should replace the whole thing for you should repair it.

If you do not want to get your MacBook screen repaired by an Apple executive then there is another way you can think of. If you do not want to include Apple repair in the process then you can choose a third-party repair that will fix the issue for you. Most of the repair as will pick up your MacBook and will drop it off to you by fixing the screen and by giving your one-year warranty which will be far less expensive than the Apple repair might have told you.

So depending upon the situation of the broken MacBook LCD screen you can either replace the full screen or you can just repair it from the local store. if you are more concerned about quality then it is highly recommended that you should visit an Apple store and get it repaired by Apple’s experts