Recently, fans of the “Apple” technique noticed its declining quality. The software is using more and more resources, and the hardware itself is warming up, working incorrectly, and quickly failing. As a result, many iPhone users are running for help from iPhone repair in Christchurch. These comments are valid for the new iPhone X, which has disappointed many users. Often, the display of the iPhone X does not work as expected; other problems are detected. This is because the developers of the company in this model have introduced a lot of new technologies that require a little break-in and time-tested.

A striking example of such technology is the iPhone X OLED screen from Samsung. What is the main problem with the touch screen iPhone? What were other issues found on this smartphone? And where to get prompt help if your iPhone “raised a riot” and ultimately refuses to work usually? You should not worry about all these challenges because you can easily get an iPhone screen replacement in Christchurch without much hustle.

Causes of iPhone Touchscreen issues –

  • On smartphones and other compact electronic gadgets, OLED technology has been used for a long time. Therefore, active users of such electronics are well acquainted with the “sores” of these displays, which have not spared the new iPhone.
  • A static picture on the screen off – Incredibly, the fact is, the latest iPhone has the same problem as antediluvian TVs with radiation tubes. If the same picture is displayed on the screen for a long time, then after turning off the screen, its visible static trace remains. And such a trace gradually disappears from the display over several days. Apple immediately recognized the existence of such a problem and is taking steps to resolve it. The best solution for these problems is to contact an iPhone repair expert. It is enough to update iOS regularly and always set the screen auto-lock at the minimum interval of operation. 
  • The gradual fading of the display. Another critical issue with the iPhone X’s touchscreen is the fading of the blue pixels. The picture on the smartphone screen consists of red, green, and blue pixels. And the latter burns out very quickly, because of which the picture loses its saturation and brightness. Visiting an iPhone screen replacement in Christchurch is the only reliable solution.
  • Displays created by OLED technology have a short life compared to LCD screens. The latter provides an average of 100,000 hours of active use. OLED screens work from just 20,000-25,000 hours, i.e., a maximum of four years of productive use. 
  • Despite all the shortcomings of OLED technology, Apple intends to use such displays on all of its devices in the future. OLED screens consume less power than LCD screens.

Nevertheless, the current problems with the touch screen of the iPhone are children’s technology diseases that will be overcome over time. But Apple somehow forgot to warn users about this. And the discount on the raw iPhone did not provide. If you have any problems with your iPhone, reach out for help from iPhone screen replacement in Christchurch.