Have you ever faced that situation where you have to submit your work within an hour or so and your laptop is taking its own time to boot up and making you feel worse? Yeah,  we are talking about laptop booting problems and solutions. Bad software, hardware, and other errors can make your laptop look like a dead device. As there are problems so the solutions. Most of the times you can do the laptop repairs on your own. Here we have figured out solutions to the laptop booting problems.

  • Power supply 

Using the wrong power supply can lead to wrong voltage hence booting issues. To get rid of this you must check your power supply, especially the adapter and its voltage if it is not suitable for your device then change it quickly to save further damage. 

  • Check faulty hardware 

Sometimes you start your laptop but it makes a repetitive clicking noise. This can be the result of your faulty or damaged hardware. Faulty or damaged hardware such as motherboard, monitor, graphic card, memory card can lead to booting problems. Your laptop’s overall system can’t take it along if there is faulty hardware in it. To solve this you can change your hardware or disconnect them. 

  • Use safe mode for booting 

If your laptop is not booting in Windows then it can be started by using safe mode. Press the F8 of your laptop to enter the safe mode while starting the laptop. This will give you a menu for different options to boot into safe mode. 

  • Check monitor 

Sometimes it’s not about the booting issue but your monitor may be the one which needs to be repaired. Hence, check if your monitor is working well. If it is a monitor’s fault then there won’t be a booting problem. Your laptop might be booting well but the screen is not showing mandatory changes. 

  • Heat-related issue 

If you have been working for so long your laptop can shut close automatically because of heat. At this time, listen to the advice of a cooling fan or else you can just shut your laptop for some time, let it cool down itself. 

  • Check graphics cards or LED screen problem 

Sometimes the laptop starts well but the screen is full of lines or strange characters on it. This indicates a problem with the graphic card, LED screen, video cable or every motherboard. To troubleshoot these problems you can look forward to repairing these devices or just try to reinstall them. 

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