Many people face black screen issues with their MacBook. Here are a few ways that you can fix these issues: 

  1. The screen is black, but the MacBook seems to be running: This is one of the common Macbook screen issues and can be fixed by turning the brightness all the way up. Depending on which MacBook model you own, the brightness buttons can be real buttons (either F1 or F2). Increase the brightness up to 100% and see if this works.

  2. The screen goes blank periodically several times a day: There is nothing to be worried about when this happens since your laptop is on energy-saving mode. You could change the energy-saving settings or disable the sleep settings according to your preference.

  3. When restoring backup, MacBook suddenly shuts down: Do not panic if this happens and do not keep pressing the power button since it will not help. This usually happens when the laptop is doing CPU-intensive calculations such as restoring the backup, editing videos and could heat the CPU. That is why your screen goes black. Let the CPU cool down for 20 minutes and then try switching your MacBook on.

  4. Magnets near the laptop: In the past, laptops came with latches that would hold the lids together. When you closed the laptop, the latch would lock, signaling the operating system to shut down or sleep. Apple was one of the first manufacturers that used magnets inside of the latches and hence keeping magnets around the laptop could cause blackouts.

  5. MacBook turns on, but the screen in black: Sometimes some of the settings that MacBook uses on startup could be messed up. What you can do is shut down your laptop by pressing the Power button for over 6 seconds. Place your fingers on these keys simultaneously: Command, P, R, and Option. Start the Mac and push these buttons. After 20 seconds, release the buttons.

  6. Any other issue with Mac: There could be some hardware issues with your Mac which is forcing the screen to go black. Therefore, run an internal diagnostic tool to see if there are any hardware malfunctions.

  7. Mac starts, keyboard is responsive, but the screen is black: This could happen if the LCD screen of your laptop is dead. You could connect an external monitor to the MacBook. 

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