Smartphones have become a way of life and we are hooked with it 24×7. Therefore, the device that gets to stay with us for this long is prone to encounter certain accidents and get damaged while in use. The most common of all the damages is water damage. Any electronic stuff that encounters water damage may go beyond repair but mobile repair in Christchurch has certain tips for you to save or minimize the damage. 

Act Fast Life-Saving Tips for Your Smartphone

As soon as you drop the device in water or water gets spilled on the device the first step should be to remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible. The faster you are the more chances that your phone will get minimum damage. If the smartphone stays for longer, then the chances of water seeping through the cracks and openings will increase. After this basic and foremost step, there are a few things that you need to avoid preventing water damage.

  • Don’t turn it on
  • Don’t try to charge it
  • Don’t press any buttons
  • Don’t shake or bang the device
  • Don’t try to dry it using a blow dryer as it could actually let the water further seep in other parts of the device.

Mobile phone repair suggests the above don’ts when your smartphone encounters water damage. There is a comprehensive list of steps that are recommended to save the damage:

  • Hold the device upright and switch off the phone.
  • Try removing the battery. If the smartphone is an older version, then the battery can be easily removed. However, the latest models of smartphones do not have this option thus taking them to a mobile phone repair centre will be the best way out.
  • Remove the SIM and microSD cards from their slots.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth try to dry your phone. Stay extra cautious while doing it so that the water does not further seep to other parts. Very gently while dabbing try to soak the water from the affected parts. 
  • In case the water damage is extensive, using vacuum carefully sucks out the water that has seeped in the cracks or openings that cannot be accessed through a towel. It is mandatory to remove the battery, microSD card, and SIM before using the vacuum to remove water. 
  • Another hack that could be of use is burying the mobile phone in a zip lock bag of uncooked rice. Rice has great absorbing powers and therefore is commonly used to the method to dry smartphones and tablets. There are phone drying pouches available in the market that can come handy in place of a zip lock bag full of rice.  
  • Give your phone a day or two to dry out completely. Don’t try to switch it on as this could further increase the damage.  After a few days, just remove your device from the rice container, insert the battery and try switching it on.

If your phone starts to work keep a close eye on it for a few days to check the damage. If the phone doesn’t work, then try charging the battery. Even after charging if the phone still doesn’t work then head to the Mobile phone repair centre will be the best way to avoid further damage and save your beloved smartphone.