Sometimes we face many problems when we use a computer. In the same way, many people face a problem when they use the MacBook. Not all the problems are too big that we have to go to a repair shop every now and then. However, many people waste their money or time on a small problem. In this article, you are going to know some startup problems in the MacBook device. But if your device is not working properly and you are unable to do your work then you should visit a MacBook repair shop in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

  • Problems in MacBook and how you can fix them-

Blue and grey screen on startup-

When you turn on your Mac device and the screen gets grey or blue or the apple logo gets stuck and doesn’t load anything then this is a big problem. This problem happens with many things. Here we will read about some. 

  1. The biggest cause of a blue or grey screen is to connect an incompatible device with Mac. So first disconnect every device like a printer, USB hub, etc. except mouse or keyboard. Next, restart your computer. After that, you should connect all devices one by one and analyze the problem. If any machine causes this problem then your computer may get hang and you may see a grey screen. Moreover, now you have found the problem. Figure out the problem in this machine and solve it. 

  1. If all devices work well then you can safely boot your computer. When you boot your Mac then it checks your hard disk. So start your MacBook withholding the shift button until the Apple logo passes. When the bootup is completed then you can start your device. Now you will not see any grey or blue screen on display. 

Your display isn’t working or is distorted

If your device’s display is freaking out then you can solve this problem by yourself. Just follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. When the display doesn’t work then you can reset PRAM, SMC and to reset this it will take a few minutes. Just turn on your MacBook device and hold down the key command+option+r+p until your device reboots. This process resets RAM means screen resolution, speaker volume, and startup disk select are sorted. Sometimes this process also corrects the display issues. And when you reset SMC then lots of settings are reset and restored to factory defaults. Hence your display problem gets solved this way. 

  1. The next option is boot into safe mode. Go to the safe mode and check the update. If the update is available for a logic card or graphic card then install it. 

You can check the display option into system preference. Go to the system preference and select display. Now, make sure the refresh and resolution rate is correct.

If your MacBook device is still not working then you can contact with MacBook repair service provider in Christchurch and repair your device. 

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